The Grandmother Tree

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies

I hope your summers are being full of all that you need.

I'm thankful for the excitement that poured out after many of you read my last blog about becoming engaged.  I'd no idea what a fun energy and support would appear from this admission.  Thank you.

Today, I'm excited to share about this delightful fairy:  

For the first time I brought the Fairy Booth to a wedding and gave Fairy Card Readings to the guests. The card that kept coming up over and over was this one; the Grandmother Tree.

Since I started wearing my grandmother's engagement ring, a little more of her got reconnected to me.  So, on this wedding day, I was so happy to tell people about this fairy.  

"Emily, I think you will know many, many people in your life." She often said.  When parts of my life hold situations I can do nothing about I move to other spaces in this wide love in my life for support and grounding.  

This wedding day held a lot of exciting weather up on Adam Parke's hill in Barton, Vermont. Windswept Farm is its name. Many thunder storms moved slowly by us. And, for only a bit of the afternoon, did we had a serious downpour.

It did start to rain at 5:30 when the outdoor ceremony was about to begin.  So, the event was moved beneath a huge maple tree.  

Many people spoke and then Stuart's mother said.  "This rain is from Stuart's grandmother who loved him SO much.  She always said rain brought good luck and she's showering him with it today." 

Ah, the Grandmother Tree.

Open, Wide, Love,

Keep moving along your paths finding all of this along the way.

Thank you for your love of Bluebird Fairies.

Have fun out there.

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies