The Good Wishes Around You

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope this finds you taking a moment to check in with yourself.

In the midst of it all have you been feeling, hearing, thinking and reading about the eclipse?

I have. This all started for me when a woman came to our studio to get a Fairy Card Reading in preparation for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

I asked her what it meant to her. She'd boiled it down to this-

"Lots of big endings and lots of big beginnings are occurring right now.  In the middle of it is a huge question mark.  We can't fight with the question mark right now."  

by Edward Burke

by Edward Burke

After a wonderful 3-part fairy card reading (which I highly recommend) she left. I looked up and saw this fairy sitting on the card rack:

Here we are.  On earth. Doing the best we can.

A total solar eclipse reminds us that we are specks on a tiny orb in a vast universe, that our fates are intertwined. Our common humanity will be on display on August. 21, as millions of American join visitors from around the world for a singular cosmic spectacle. We’re all in this together.
— David Baron, New York Times Magazine

In honor of this time on earth I looked to the wisdom of my We'Moon 2017 calendar. They say that during the time of this eclipse... 

'Allow the movable line that holds the tension of opposites to be ruthlessly clear.  Numinous realizations reframe the game.'

My hope is that on the August 21st those of you who experience "totality" are illuminated in a deep and special way.  

I hope the rest of us are able to tap into this too.

Please be well and do send reports from any vantage point you have.

Peace to all,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies.

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