Many, Many, Many Thank Yous to the Universe

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope this finds you well.

Yesterday I took a little kayak trip up the river from where I live. I sat on a sunny beach and recalled a writing workshop I was in that was led by Vermont's Best Actor, the wonderful Rusty DeWees. In it he gave us a writing prompt. He said "People are always talking about what they LOVE. Just write a list of what you LIKE."

Yesterday my "fairy of the day" was the one that holds many, many, many Thank YOUs to the universe.'

Many Many thank yous.jpg

So I decided take 5 minutes to write the things I was thankful for.

In Rusty's workshop we shared what we wrote.  So, I'm sharing mine with you.

"I am thankful for the warm sand on my toes.  The sunny day.  My kayak and how our home has easy access to this river.  I'm thankful those boaters have decided to move on.  I'm thankful for time and space to think.  I'm thankful I live in Vermont and have work that allows me to connect with people in positive ways.  A whole variety of ways -- at the coop, in the copy room at work, with teachers, students, my family. With people at the fairy booth, with Arts Riot staff and owners. And that I have moments to connect in with me.  That today my book group is meeting; 5 very different women coming together when we can to connect over a shared writing.  

I'm thankful for Art Hop and its great way of connecting people and art and opportunity and that it's how I met Brian; the man I will someday marry and already share so much with.  I'm thankful the summer is ending- only because saying that accepts the new school year in and gives it a big smile. I'm thankful to have a smile and that I most often remember to use it."

Friends, I invite you to take 5 minutes in a beautiful, natural location to write what you're thankful for.  Then share it with a friend.

Have fun!

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

P.S. Art Hop is September 8-10. We'll be up in our studio. The Fairy Booth will be up.  Fairies and other drawings will be out. I'll be SO happy to see you.