Bluebird Fairies is a fledgling company grown out of a set of hand drawn fairies created when I was changing my life. After two years of experiencing the personal benefits people receive when seeing these fairies I'm thinking one thing. Let's get them out of the nest and into the world! I'm glad you're here.

Photo by Matthew Thorsen

Photo by Matthew Thorsen


In 2014 when I first showed the Fairy Cards at the 2014 Art Hop in Burlington I realized when gathered together the 63 cards form a deck that works as an oracle. The cards don't tell the future but the conversations that takes place with them assist people connecting with their present.

Next a Fairy Booth was created so Fairy Card Readings could take place in style. People started purchasing Fairy Decks for themselves and loved ones. Each day I get reports of how people are incorporating these cards into their daily lives.

Bluebird Fairy Decks and more are in our shop

This summer Bluebird Fairies moved into a new studio space.  The space is perfect for small classes which has allowed me to develop our Fairy and Demon Drawing Workshops. It's also a place people can have custom designed, artistic parties that include fairies.

Bluebird Fairies' upcoming work is to create a 'Fairy of the Day' app.  Please check out our GoFundMe campaign to learn more about this still-in-production project. Many more plans are in the works so keep in touch.

A fun and great way to do this is by reading my blog. I post an inspirational writing about one of my 'Earnest Little Drawings that Help you Do Big Things' 3 times a month.   Please check it out and sign up to receive notices of when I post.

We hope to see you out in the world at a fun venue soon.

Have fun!

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Bluebird Fairies are "Earnest little drawings that help people do BIG THINGS".