Antidote Fairy

Hello Everyone,

I hope this email finds you well.

I've begun my weekly stints with my fairy booth at the Arts Riot Truck Stop. Moving outside and into our own tent has been exhilarating and fun. I love the conversations that happen in this environment.

My fairy today is inspired by two of those conversations. In one, someone was curious about the demons that preceded my drawings of fairies. In another, a friend told me that a demon of mine which worked its way into an art piece greets him every morning when he wakes up. 

Today, I decided to make a new fairy. I took a look at the Gray Glum Demon and its antidote and this is who arrived on the scene.

I hope this fellow melts any thoughts currently darkening your inner skies. I just had a few work their way in and WOW one look at him and I was back in the sunshine. How wonderful to experience a shift back from the darkness and into the beauty all around us. Please give it a try.

We're sending you great thoughts for this week that brings us Summer.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

p.s. Here's a picture of the Gray Glum Demon and his antidote and job description. I see that his last words have been distorted. They are "this human condition"


Grey Glum Demon.jpg

Loving it Into Place

Hello Friends,

I hope you're enjoying the wonderful days of this time of year.  So full of flowers and possibility.

The shift into different days is approaching with the Summer Solstice.

Here's a fairy that revealed itself to me today as I was tidying things up and it seemed so perfect.

I worked on a big project with some friends a few years ago. "Loving it into Place" was our motto for getting through the hurdles.  

So often my conversations with people in my Fairy Booth allow me to remind them to share a bit of the love they wonderfully pour into the world with themselves.  

So, today, love yourself and your projects into place.  And have fun doing it!!!

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

P.S. I'm back at the Truck Stop!  Please find me outside our my new tent.




My Weekly Food From the Farm

Hello Friends,

I hope you're having a GREAT weekend.  

What wonderful timing for a few days in a row to unfold our summer clothes and open our lives up to sunshine, gardens and people.

I'm changing up my blog format as I step into my "Fairy of the Day" app work.  3 times a month I'll feature a fairy and a short blurb and comment about it.  This will assist my creation of the text that will go with the 100 fairies that are a part of this project.

"What's today's fairy?"

I drew this fairy shortly after I changed my life and moved to a remote house in Hinesburg. A CSA share from my neighbors, Full Moon Farm, was what I ate.  My life now is so different from then but I like thinking of the weekly things we do that assist the creation of our beautiful lives. 

A friend of mine says this card means "Accepting your lot in life."  Either way,  "Live it and "Love it".  It's all about working with what we have.

Be well and have fun!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Meet Violet; A Spring Fairy


The patio outside my house has been filled with white and purple violets for the past two weeks.  They make me SO happy.  As usual I consulted Ted Andrew's book, Nature-Speak, to gather his wisdom as it brightens my life whenever I read it.

"Many legends speak of the violet being sacred to the Fairy Queen, and gathering the first wild violet in the spring brings energy of luck and assistance of the Faerie Realm into your life for the fulfillment of your dearest wish in the year ahead.  The violet is the flower of simplicity and modesty, two of the best qualities to develop in attuning to faeries and elves.  This flower reminds us to keep things simple for opportunities are about."

Thank you Ted!!!

In my household we have many splendid dreams and it feels good to move modestly and simply towards them.  I hope you too can tune into the magic of the Violet Flower.  So present they are in our lives for the next few weeks.

Have fun!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

This past week I had the pleasure of doing Fairy and Demon Workshops for Green Mountain Self Advocates' Voices and Choices Conference.  Here, 700 people celebrated and shared efforts and information as we continue down the strong path of the Civil Rights Movement for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism. 



Up, Up and More Up- A Fairy Card Reading by Mark Utter

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying life.

Mark Utter visited me in Bluebird Fairies' space and decided he would give me a Fairy Card Reading.  I always love it when my friends turn my Fairy Deck around and allow it to give me some insights through their guidance.  

Here are the transcripts from the reading:  

Mark- I want you to do what card reading you want to do today.

Emily- Okay, let's do Past, Present and Future.
Mark- Wonderful.

(Mark shuffles cards and spreads them out.   Emily picks three.  Mark turns over one of them.  

Past- "Fairy of Your Outer Loveliness" whose speech bubbles say "Easily, it's there"

Emily- This resonates with me because with our project you talked of me attracting people in to find out more about you and then getting drawn into the project.

Mark- Yes. That is it. Very good ability you have and still have.

(Mark turns over the next card.)

Present- "The Fairy of Today" whose bubbles say "Live it" and "Love it."

Emily- Well today has been truly awesome.  

Mark- I am thinking this is true. The happy days so dearly need to be held and cultivated.

Emily- What do you think helps the cultivation?

Mark- I think water does.
And smiles and by working with magic.
Good magic.

(Mark turns over the next card.)


Future- "The Fairy of You and Your Sweet Way of Being" who's saying "Let's Go" and "Up, Up and More Up!" 

Emily- Well, I think this means I will take what I was using in the past and with some reminders to live each day fully by cultivating my happiness with water, smiles and good magic I will keep moving up and more up.

Mark- That's the hope.
I am totally sure you will get there.

Emily- Thank you Mark.  That was awesome. 

I have found that since this reading I've been drinking more water, taking more opportunities to smile AND experiencing "Good Magic." I invite you to do the same.  Have fun with this and, please, drop me a line and let me know what you find.

All the best,

Emily and Bluebird Fairies

P.S. Another great workshop is lined up for later this month.  We'd love to see you here.