Gentle New Beginnings

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies

Oh, I hope you're doing wonderfully. 

After a big heat wave in the Northeast, we've been having wonderful summer weather.

I've been enjoying the response people have been having with the new 'Fairy of the Day' app.  It's SO cool to share these fairies I've  found personally so helpful and hear how they resonate with others so perfectly. 

Today I received this fairy:


Isn't she great?!

What I'm loving about the app is that among the 100 fairies there are 37 'new' ones.  But, a lot of those aren't really new. 

The 'Fairy of Gentle New Beginnings' is an old friend from when I was living in the town of Hinesburg in a round house by a creek.  She, with her words of "Allow the Joy in", "Know there is more" and "Let New Grow" was such a balm to me then.

And, now, she is again.  How happy I was to see her on this day while feeling my 'bright new day' open up with so many things to do.

Enjoy the day!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Earnest Little Drawings to help you do BIG THINGS.

mini mini.jpg

Get the app today.  Click here.

Let us know what your first fairy is and how it resonates, please.

Creating Space for the Growth of Good Things

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

We've just had Independence Day in the United States but I'd already been thinking of the 'Fairy of Independence' which, incidentally, I drew on July 4th about 5 years ago.  Here she is:


Ah, there she is easily saying "It's OPEN and OKAY."

When I drew her I'd recently relocated to a place in the country where I lived alone.  I'd just returned from helping new friends with 4th of July parade activities in town.  Once done, they'd gone off to do other things and I returned home.  At first, my heart felt a great emptiness but my mind knew I'd worked to create this space so I decided to draw.  I drew the fairy to hold the space without judgement and to prevent me from filling it.

We can do things with this space.  We don't know what it will be.  Sometimes you just have to let it be without any feeling attached to its existence. 

So, I wish for you this space in any size or quantity that you desire. 


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

P.S. I want to tell you quietly and easily that this space allowed for my fairies to grow.  And many of them are now in my Fairy of the Day app which is out in the world spreading positivity.  You can find information on where to download it here. 

If you do, please, if you're inspired, let me know what your first fairy was!

mini mini.jpg

Gifts of the Season

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Happy Birthday to all the Cancerians!

It's my Father's sign.  He's no longer around in person but as I've said many times before in this blog he lives on in all of these fairies. Why? Well, a while ago I declared that his legacy to me is to to find lightness in the dark.

So, here's a fairy for this time.  Let us all find our ability to claim, like this heart-filled fairy, "Victory is ours!"


Last night after we turned out the lights we found a firefly.  I ushered it out of the house and the whole way it valiantly turned it's magical light on and off.  

The next morning we read its symbolism and this is what I took from it.

Allow firefly to guide you - in the moment, through the forest of life. It is the light that should be your focus, not the dark. 

Sounds like work of the the fairies!

On we go!  Have fun.

All the best, 

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Summer Solstice Energy

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Summer is here!!!

Summer 2018.jpg


This orange and green heart filled 'Summer Fairy' with her exclamation of "Ah, yes!" supports the words of Ted Andrews in his book Nature-Speak:

"The Summer Solstice marks the high point of the "year of the Soul." For a brief time, all four planes of life are aligned with the physical - the spiritual, mental, astral, and the etheric.  Because of this, there is a more direct flow of spiritual energy available to us within the physical.  It is a time that provides opportunity to consummate a phase of our spiritual growth.  It is a time in which separateness can yield to unity in any area of our lives.  And this is experienced most strongly when out in Nature."

I hope you are finding this to be true. 

I find this time of year exhilarating and, also, overwhelming.  So, I'm enjoying that today is overcast and it can't quite decide if it wants to commit to raining or not. 

On days like this and, well, any time you decide to do it, you can sit and collect the wishes you hope to make happen during this vibrant time of incredible possibility.

Take it and use it and, above all, HAVE FUN!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

p.s.  OH boy, the 'Fairy of the Day' app is SO close to being launched I can barely stand it.  The iTunes store has approved it.  Soon Google Play will as well.  Thank you all who have supported these efforts in moving forward. Stayed tuned for the big announcement.  And...

Please join me, if you can, in our studio at 4 Howard Street (corner of Pine) on Friday July 6th between 5-7.  I'll be doing repeated performances of my new Crankie Show called "Accomplishing Big Things". This show tells the story of the app and MUCH MORE.  

Something We All Need

Dear Friends,

There was a woman in the town where I lived who always looked a little drawn and sad.  I noticed it out of the corner of my eye whenever I saw her.  

I moved away from the town.  Many months later I returned for an event with my Bluebird Fairy Booth.  I saw this same woman and immediately felt something was magnificently different in a very easy way.  

Very naturally the truth came out and it IS so simple and yet SO hard.   I remembered the story after I came across this fairy today:

Sustained Self Love.jpg

The woman told me that she'd made a conscious decision to only say nice things to herself ALL the time. She'd been practicing this for a year when I spoke to her.  Oh, my goodness, it made such a difference.  Her face was light and radiant and she traveled through space with a lightness that seemed fun.  

The fairy of Sustained Self Love is here to remind you that the past is over and the future though, OH so tremendously tempting to get freaked out about, is NOT going to be so terrible IF you love this moment NOW and the person YOU are in it.

Onward and Upward!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

P.S.  For those curious, the Fairy of the Day app is getting so close to its release.  We're getting excited.