Heart Thumping Love

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope you're having a wonderful summer.

I took a week to be with my family in a house on the lake.  WOW. That's a wonderful thing to do.  So easily could I get used to sleeping with the sounds of lapping water in my ears.  

My fairy today is self selected.

A while back just before I was about to print what now makes up the original Bluebird Fairy Card Deck a friend suggested I check to see if a few might be missing.So I broke the one-a-day fairy drawing tradition and drew a bunch a fairies in one sitting.To assist me I made a drawing of all the circles that radiate out from us, titled each and then thought of the fairies that reside in each circle.  

The inner circle included this guy:

I love him because, for the most part, he's super general. Aren't we all driven by heart thumping love?

At times, though, he can be very specific - like the day the man I met when I first exhibited my fairy cards said "Hey that fairy looks like me!" Yes, Brian, my Fairy Prince, he does look just like you!

During our miraculous, oh-my-goodness-we're- all-together family event at the lake a wonderful thing happened to me. Brian presented me with an engagement ring, the ring my Grandmother wore. It's now on my hand.  I'm happy to share this story and hear all that flows forth when others hear it and recall to me their own stories. It's truly heart thumping love all the way through.

Photo taken by Mike Reilly last year at SEABA's birthday party.

Photo taken by Mike Reilly last year at SEABA's birthday party.

So, go on.  Find summer.  Find love in all of its many forms.  Take in the stories.

And have fun!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies 

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