Feeding Your Bird Relationships

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies

I hope this posting finds you in good spirits.

I bet you've experienced this- You have a big project coming up. You talk about it a lot.  You feel it all around you. But, you've not really stepped into it....and then you do! There you find yourself, in a whole new terrain of energy and activity.  Sound familiar?

That's where I am. Right in the middle of The 'Fairy of the Day' app fundraising and creation.

With today's fairy I'll give you a sense of what I'm up to creatively.

Feeding you bird relationships.jpg

Ah, the 'The Fairy of Feeding Your Bird Relationships'.  

I had a conversation with the Governor of Vermont about when I should take my bird feeder down to avoid attracting bear.  He said "Don't take it down!  You've created relationships with these birds".  I didn't follow his suggestion but I did take a moment to think about the relationships I have going in my life on all different levels.

Suggestion: Feel and acknowledge the peripheral relationships in your life.  We love our birds!

Many of you who pick a fairy daily have created your own stories and meanings connected with the fairies. I know, at times, it can be helpful to hear a bit more about where the fairy came from. The app we're making will allow people the option to get a bit more background.  

(Eventually these thoughts will become a complimentary book for the Bluebird Fairy Deck.) 

So, I'm spending time each day writing about these fairies. It will take some time and, of course, many edits. If you have a desire to be a part of this process please let me know. And rest assured, I'm devising a way to make it not overwhelming.

And now, I'll give some love to you, dear birds, of my life-

I hope all that is brewing in your life is full and rewarding. Remember this is the time when so many things happen. Hold on to the ideas of leisure in all of this. We need to swim. We need to sit in the sun. We need to visit our friends and have them visit us. And we need to lovingly move our lives forward.

On we go!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

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