More Not Doing and All Gets Done

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

A friend of mine often said around this time of year that January is reserved for 'getting over the holidays'.  I find it’s true.  During December there's so much expectation and excitement.  Then we give energy to making the shift into the New Year a positive and hope-filled one.   It's not surprising we're exhausted.

Mid-January I experienced rejuvenation by 'embracing difference'.  I had an opportunity to travel to a cool part of Florida and meet my boyfriend Brian's family.  Along with meeting fascinating people, seeing Florida manatees swimming neighborhood canals and rivers, taking boat rides, staying in a house filled with fine artifacts from around the world, walking roads lined with tropical plants, hearing often the threat of alligators and wild boar, I saw mermaids performing in an aquarium built over a natural spring. 

When I returned I dismantled a studio space that has been my creative home for 8 years.  Since Bluebird Fairies grew up in this space leaving it is allowing new horizons to come into view.

Being still a tad bit exhausted I was delighted when I drew this fairy from my fairy deck. 

Things are moving for Bluebird fairies because people who love what we do have been assisting cool ideas to move into place. 

Here are some of them:

At the suggestion of my dear friend Dr. Ellen I'll be posting a 'Fairy of the Day' daily and weekly connecting a fairy with her Facebook page.  These postings will be either brand new fairies, fairies I've not yet shared with the public, regulars from the Bluebird Fairy Deck and, every now and then, a demon.  So please “friend us” for your daily dose. 

On February 12th, I’ll be setting up the Fairy Booth at the Galentine’s Day Event at O.N.E arts in Burlington’s Old North End.  It’s going to be a fun night with lots of talk about romantic things.  I’ll have some erotic fairies on hand.  There will be a special fairy card reading to inspire love. “Heart Thumping Love” T-Shirts will be available with a nice, sexy fitted cut.  (Contact me if you’d like one and I’ll send one to you for $18.)

Dear friends, please hold images of what you’d like to create in your hearts. If necessary, write them down on pieces of paper.  Let the “Fairy of Not Doing and All Gets done” to take over and assist our dreams to grow.

Be well.


Emily and Bluebird Fairies