Fun Fairies of February

Did you know that Speeder and Earl's Coffee Shop on Pine Street has a 'Bluebird Fairy of the Day' sitting earnestly on the counter near the register? Last week I finally got to see it in action when I bought one of those great tea cakes they have that the Barrio Bakery makes.  I remarked about it to the barista who said 'Of course, we have a fairy of the day!' Please check it out.  I love getting reports of people’s fairy sightings. 

The celebration of “Galentine's Day” at the O.N.E Arts Center in Burlington last Friday night was wonderful.  Amidst the opportunities to make natural body products, get massaged or talk about frankly about sex I sat at my table giving Fairy Card Readings.  The options on my menu: Self Love, Romantic Love and Truth, Truth and Dare.

I love doing Fairy Card Readings.  When I created the cards for myself I never thought I’d be sharing these drawings with others.  That, in part, is where the alchemy of the Fairy Card Readings begins.  In these conversations people share their efforts to live well and with a sense of hope which is what I was seeking as I drew them.  At times, during these talks, our sharing can drift into dark spaces.  When this happens I look down and see the 3 fairies chosen for the reading smiling up at us and they pull the conversation back into a place of positivity.

My “Wildly New” Fairy Card Reading of the night was 'Truth, truth and Dare'.  The card fairy I selected for my “dare” was:

Ah, once again the “Fairy of Comfort and Easy Joy” with her earnest looking face and sturdy body.  I have to admit that often what I need more than anything is to sit and breathe.  Lying on the couch when I first arrive home at the end of the day is the best way I can achieve this. The images of the day and my dreams float through me. I become calm and comfort and easy joy find me.   What would have been mindless chatter transforms into gentle stories. 

I wish all of this for you. Whenever you need it.

Please keep checking in and always feel free to write to me with any questions or to request a private consultation or find out when we'll be doing public fairy card readings.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies