What Buoys You as Change Renews You?

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Happy New Year to you all!

Here is a little writing inspired by the Fairy I drew on December 18th.

Oh, our lives are always changing.  A beloved shirt wears out. The store down the street closes.  A new co-worker moves in.  Oh, a season ends.  Someone graduates from high school.  The flowers on the table that shared their grace with you are now heading to the compost pile.

Sometimes larger changes arrive on our horizons.  We realize we need to leave a job we’ve had for many years. Or a relationship that serves its purpose fades away.  Sometimes it’s a place that is no longer needed for our growth.  Outside forces can be the inspiration of these changes.  Other times we know deep inside ourselves that the change is needed so we can keep becoming the person we’re destined to be.

The Fairy of rejuvenation with her big curly hair and fun glamourous and spritely body reminds us that though difficult at times these changes in our lives resuscitate us. Especially if we can find ways to buoy ourselves with the things that ground us as we step into the embrace of what’s different. 

The things that buoy me are doing yoga every morning with Brian.  Setting intentions and saying good words with each other before we step into the outdoors.  Taking the time to say our “gratitudes” at night before sleeping. In between these events I hold good, loving energy around things that feel like they might be difficult. 

Take a moment to hold in your mind “what buoys you”.

Breathe in the possibility that change in your life can renew you.

We are wishing you ALL the best as the calendar moves us into 2016. 

Plant your seeds of wishes and tend them through these upcoming cold months.

The sun will come and the growth of all will follow.

Be well.


Emily and Bluebird Fairies

p.s.  The Bluebird Holiday Shop is closed for the season.  It was a wonderful success.  I was so proud we were offering new products (Greeting Cards and Fitted T-Shirts for Curvy People).  The Fairy Card Readings were light-hearted, practical and pretty, often just the perfect thing for the folks receiving them.  I LOVED the vibe my fun, holiday shop partners brought in.  Kara with her Twenty-Three Karat company selling upcycled clothing and accessories.  Alicia and her painted galaxies.  Julie and Oak Knoll Apothecary.