The Fairy of Folding Laundry

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

This posting will be short and sweet.

The fairy I pulled on the 8th of December is

“The Fairy of Folding Laundry”.  I love seeing her and her practical, easy way of being. Her speech bubble filled with the simple statement of “Ah”.

I spend my mornings with 12 high school students and their 8 supporting teachers.  When we do a “check-in” and share with each other some the activities we've done over the weekend I often admire the similarities I hear between us.  They contain a love of adventure and being outdoors and sweet moments and celebration. 

Where we differ is this-

Teenagers don't yet know the joy of getting to stay home and get on top of house chores.  They don’t yet know these mundane activities can be completed with ease.  That these activities satisfy our enjoyment in using our skills.  And that these repetitive boring things we'll be doing the rest of our lives will, at times, hold us in a gentle rapture. 

These chores are ours.  They connect us to others in our lives.  And, most importantly, they give us a private satisfaction when completed. 

How wonderful to see the laundry neatly hanging in the closet and folded in the chest of drawers. 

Yes, take some moments to put the 'ah' into your housework. 

I will too. 

It’s such a wonderful way to deliver a dose of self-care.

Be well in these busy times, my friends.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies