Using Our Hearts To Be A Part Of It All

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Well, we’ve entered into another holiday season.

I’ve been thinking about how not too long ago I started seriously asking myself when our culture would wear out the wish 'to do' the holidays.  At the time I lived right downtown in the commercial area of our biggest Vermont city.  The buzz of buying and the weary energy of people doing too much started the moment the last pumpkin pie bite was taken.  It grew steadily bigger till the final sales of the season took place.

This yearly conversation with myself grew into a realization.  The only way to quiet all the other people's energy was to find and follow my own traditions of the holiday.

Following my heart is the best route I know. 

I love that this time of darkness inspires us to seek light.  Often I find it in groups that gather together with intention.  I love the ages old music of the holidays of this time.  I love reading holiday cards that connect me to others with just a few words or a whole summary of the year.  And when I get it together, I love sending my own even though I’m usually so excited I say lots of goofy things in them.  I love making agreements with myself about what I'd like to bring into the next year.

What do you love about this time?  Find it and follow it like Alice down the rabbit hole.

And guess who's here to cheer us on?

My work in life is to find my way into my heart and hear its easy 'tick, tick, tick' and sit still enough to hear what it says. 

I believe Bluebird Fairies assist me in sharing this method with others.  Either by having a conversation with me in the fairy stand or using your own fairy deck at home OR inspiring you to take a pen into your 'other' hand to name and draw what comes to mind?

 Please find your way through this season with joy.

And, if you can, stop by the E-1 Collective Holiday Shop in Burlington:

We're a nice stop no matter mood you're in or how much time you have to linger.

Be well.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies