The Clarity That Comes From Doing It!

As many of you know I created the fairies in the fairy deck with my left hand.  I drew one nightly, every night, during a period of great upheaval in my life.  While I don't remember the genesis of each fairy I definitely remember the story that inspired this one.

I drew this fairy the day I left the full-time, fully-benefited job I’d had for 11 years.  It had come to my attention that I was operating in an environment that wasn't working for my way of being human.  Working on a transformational project shed light on this and once it was completed it was time for me to head to “a new harbor”.  

There was nothing but hopeful ideas for me to step into.  I was in great need of the 'We're Supporting You Forward!' entities that accompany this fairy.  For two years, never letting go of the joy of my liberation, I traveled through uncertainty.   

My arrival in a new full-time job has found me in a big eddy of activity.  The newly formed program I coordinate began 3 weeks after my arrival so I've been treading water quickly to keep afloat.  

Recently pulling the “Fairy of Clarity” from the deck gave me a great feeling of relief. Yes, as the first session of the program nears its end I see how this year will move forward. 

We can always find “The Fairy of Clarity.” by connecting with a space within us that is light.  

Please take a moment to think of the big "You Did It!" moves you've taken in your life.  The ones that took a leap of faith.  Smile at that courage.   

And let the “Fairy of Clarity” live in your life every day while you smile through all the unknowing. 


The holiday are coming.  Please stop by the E-1 Studio Collective Holiday Shop where the Bluebird Fairies Stand will be up and selling and sharing all kinds of fun things. The hours and details are right here. 

We'd all love to see you!!!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies