It's Going to Be Okay

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I am always delighted to see this dear fairy.

For some reason when I see his name written with wavering handwriting that betrays uncertainty, it builds within me an even stronger conviction that it will 'be okay'.  

I guess it’s because I know from personal experience that he’s been right before.  Several years ago when I needed very much to believe in him, I drew him. For many months he lived on my fridge and his smile greeted me each morning.  Together we moved through fog into clarity. 

I feel uncertain again.  Not with questions of ‘where will I live?’ and ‘with whom?’.  The questions live around the many projects and people that fill my life. 

My heart relaxes when I look in this dear fairy's face. 

The secret garden of my soul reveals itself and its door of possibility opens.

 I’m curious to know how this fairy resonates with your life?

I smile as I see him working his magic into it.

On Friday November 13th, I'll have the fairy booth up at O.N.E. arts for their Young Professionals Salon.  I'll be doing Fairy Card Readings and will have cards and decks for sale. Plus our new Thanksgiving Themed t-shirt will be available. Please sign up and come.

Can't wait to see you there or in the near future or when you write and send me a comment.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies