“It’s All Going to Happen” says the Robin

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

My life has been busy and new.  Making time and place in my life for writing blog postings is a priority I have not been achieving.  So, in this post I'll be catching up with myself by sharing 2 fairies I selected from my deck of hand-drawn, home grown fairy cards.

On October 8th, in the midst of the bustle of settling into a new home and the official start of the program I coordinate with High School Students at Champlain Community Services I pulled this fairy card. 

She was a sight for weary eyes.  I find myself so busy with the current day-to-day elements of my new life (which I am so, thankful for) that I feel I have fully stepped off the track I was travelling on towards the larger dreams of my life. 

Luckily, I have made a new friend who seems to have arrived in my life to assist the “Fairy of It’s All Going to Happen”.  Her suggestion to “work with less resistance and with more lightness and ease” assists me in not getting bogged down at work.  She's also helped me gain a sense of timing that allows me to calmly work through all that is still unsettled in my life before moving more fully into gear with my aspirations for Bluebird Fairies.  

On the 18th of October, I pulled from my fairy deck-

 How Exciting!

Even before getting out of bed that morning I had committed myself to a new, positive way of being.

What New Ways in your life could allow more:

  • Positivity into your life? 
  • Trust in the universe?
  • Belief that our dreams can and will unfold in our lives?

 Let's lightly and easefully allow it ALL to happen. 

Have Fun! 


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies