Trusting the Way Today

Trusting the Way Today

Once again I’ve gone to my Bluebird Fairy Deck to draw at random a card to write about and it’s…..

Yes, this wonderful fairy has shown up during this Holiday Season to shed her light. 

Once before when I wrote about the “Fairy of Trusting the Way” I quoted the Reverend Al Sharpton.  I'd loved hearing him speak at the Unitarian Church in Burlington.  One of his focuses was the importance of goals.  "If you don’t have them you don't know when you’ve arrived!!!”  

I don’t know about you but “the Holidays” overwhelm me.  The feeling quietly starts seeping into me after Thanksgiving gives way to nonstop commercial holiday music playing and an overwhelmingly unabashed spotlight shines on consumerism. 

What allows me to move through saying “Let’s go!” all the way to the New Year is with guidelines.

Here's my list for this year:

Find a few moments to sing and listen to the holiday music you like.

Visit an elderly friend.

Call a long lost friend on the phone.

Take a mini road trip.

Design a holiday card that gives a little summary of the year and wishes for the future.

Have festive moments.

Give gifts that mean something. (It’s OK if they’re really small, you made them or you can’t see them) 

Whatever you do please have fun.  Find the light.  And count on a little magic surprising you when you least expect it. 

Wishing you easy times in whatever form you wish.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies