Fairy of the Egg Shells

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Happy New Year.

In this fresh year I share with you a fresh new fairy! She's.....


Do you get all excited about moving into the new year and leaving behind bad habits and old ways of thinking?  I sure do.  I find, though, that early on in the year I get alarmed to see that they haven't vanished.

Yesterday, New Year's Day, on a beautiful walk in the sun this image came to me.  I saw myself bursting out of an egg into the new year.  If that's so, well then, of course, it's quite natural to see bits and pieces of the "old ways of being that no longer serve us" in the egg shell. 

Can you imagine this to be true of you too? I hope so.  This fairy then can assist you with gentle reminders to move forward with care.  You've just hatched!

Onward and upward with your intentions for good ways of being.

I'm right there with you and will be back soon with a writing about a fairy from the Bluebird Fairy Deck and my new blog writing plan.

Till then, smile


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Bluebird Fairies has made steps towards strengthening our existence this year.   I'm taking this moment to extend my gratitude for all of you who've been reading this blog and following and supporting the growth of Bluebird Fairies.

This year we moved into a new studio space and started doing monthly Fairy and Demon Drawings workshops. We also conducted drawing workshops for Vermont Works for Women both at the Women's Correctional and in their "Step Up" program.  We've had quite a few opportunities to be out in the Fairy Booth doing "Fairy Card Readings" which connected over 100 people to their "positive present".  New products were created- magnets, stickers, "Bernie Fairies" and posters.  In October a very successful "GoFundMe" campaign raised money for a "Fairy of the Day" app which will be moving into existence soon. 

I could not do this without the support of some key people: Stephanie Salmon, Robyn Baylor and Rob Pitone. Thank you for your invaluable expertise and enthusiastic support.

And to Brian Merrill, the man who met me and these fairies at ART Hop 2014 and has been assisting their movement into the world ever since, I am deeply honored to share this work and life with you.