Taking the Extra Moment to Smile

Today when I look at this smiling face I’m thinking of what we collectively need as we step into “uncertain times”.

This fairy takes me back to a class I took at the Flynn Theater a bunch of years ago.  It was called “Speaking in the Limelight”.  An opera singer taught the class and brought to it wonderful pizzazz and practical knowledge.  We, the students, brought our fears of speaking in public and got tips and opportunities to work them out. 

The best piece of advice I got - “Once you arrive at the podium.  Take a breath.  Look out at all the people you’ll be speaking to.” 

Today this fairy is suggesting we “Take that extra moment to smile.”  Smiling allows you to connect in with yourself.  This then allows you to connect in with others in a genuine way.  People LOVE that.

Start first with yourself.  Smile your brightest smile inward and connect in with you and how you’re feeling. Then get up, go out, and find ways to make practical and positive movements that take us forward. 

It might just be smiling at others. 

Whatever it is, it’ll be good.

Have fun!!!



Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

white solo fairy band.jpg


Our GoFundMe goal was reached in 20 days.  Thank you to all who read about our new project and to those that contributed.  I'll keep you posted about the "Fairy of the Day" app's progress.

esterday was our second "Demon and Fairy Drawing" Workshop.  Due to the feelings about the presidential election I'd changed the theme to "Inspiring Ourselves Forward".  The workshop was wonderful.  The next one will be Saturday December 10th.  I'll send you a notice.

astly, come find us the weekend after Thanksgiving at the Women's Festival of Crafts.  It has a new location.  Hope to see you there.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!