Being What You Eat

Every day I pull a fairy card from my Bluebird Fairy Deck and it becomes my “Fairy of the Day.” (I love that this has become an important routine for many of you).  During the day, especially when I feel a little “out of sorts”, I recall my fairy.  Always, and often in a fun and amusing way, it provides the perfect grounding I need.

The other day I was heading off to Burlington knowing I’d forgotten something.  You’ve all been there right?  I felt sort of undone even though the day was so pretty and our forest-lined dirt road looked so lovely.  My inner voiced said loudly.  “Think of your Fairy!”

Ah, this guy!  Thank you.  I’d forgotten my lunch.  So, I turned around, went home and picked up my neat, little package of delicious and healthy things.

How does this fairy fit into your life?  Are you eating well? 

Even more importantly, are you feeding yourself a constant meal of positive thoughts about YOU in this moment?

Please let the rays of YOUR sunshine radiate through all of you today.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

P.S.  If you don’t yet own your own Fairy Deck and you’d like to please click here