Rejuvenation Revisited

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

First of all, I’d like to give a warm welcome to the people who’ve recently joined this email list.  Every Friday in my Bluebird Fairy Booth at Arts Riot I’ve been holding raffles for our Fairy T-shirt of the Week.  Everyone who takes a chance is given the option to receive my tri-monthly blog postings. 

For these postings I feature a fairy pulled from my Bluebird Fairy Deck. On July 18th, I pulled a fairy that I’d already written about.  My inclination was to use it as an opportunity to present a story about a different fairy.  I decided, however, to use it as a moment to check in on how I’m doing with the message of this wonderful fairy. 

Ah, the resplendent “Fairy of Rejuvenation”.  In my previous posting about her I talked about using this summer to relish the things in your life that “ground” you while simultaneously seeking newness.  Perhaps a trip to somewhere you've not been? 

Yes, these are important. 

These days “The Fairy of Rejuvenation” is in my life as I explore new ways to live in my own body. 

I have a yoga practice I've began doing shortly after I moved out of the city and back to the country.  The newness of my life was exciting but I was most definitely VERY unsure about the future and HORRENDOUSLY nervous about living alone.  “Aunt Emily, if I lived here I’d do yoga everyday on that big porch.”  said Sadie, my 15- year-old niece. Right after that Laura Wisniewski of Beecher Hill Yoga entered my life and designed a personal metaphor-filled routine of stretches and sun salutations that have allowed me to move into finding my own grounding and sense of security.  At the same time a wonderful life has grown into the place of what once was an unknown future.

Last Friday I returned to Laura * to review the routine.  Now I have a refreshed practice.  What once helped provide grounding and security is now assisting me in moving into the next exciting phases of my life. 

This personal work reminds me of all that I am learning each week in The Bluebird Fairy Booth where we have so many fun conversations. The really great ones start when visitors take the invitation to share stories or personal thoughts inspired by the cards they select from The Bluebird Fairy Deck.  Sharing in this safe, light hearted, fairy-filled forum allows people to celebrate and love their lives.  When people are in touch with their unique energy they can most effectively connect with their lives as they unfold into their exciting futures.

So, take a moment to “Embrace Difference” and come to the Fairy Booth at the Arts Riot Truck Stop on a Friday night.  By picking 3 cards and having a fun conversation we’ll find what “buoys you”.  If you’re not nearby, send me an email and we’ll have an e-reading.

Regardless, I’m earnestly wishing that you are having a summer filled with all the rejuvenation you need at this moment in your life.

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies