Chirping Happy Birds

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Today, July 8th, I pulled a fairy from my deck to be the fairy of this blog posting.  It’s the Fairy of Getting Through by Trusting in the Sun

I’ve already written about him.  If you want to step back into winter look back through the postings and find him.

Now that we’re in the easier days of summer I feel a need to move forward to another fairy.

Last week I introduced Bluebird Fairies to a Young Writer’s Project Summer Camp session. Once again I had the joy of sitting and writing alongside a group of young writers using Bluebird Fairies as their writing prompts.  Here’s the story I wrote:

One day Melissa woke up and felt sad.  She just couldn’t shake the clouds that filled her head.  These were dark clouds.  Clouds filled with feelings of bad things, uncertain things and delicately sad things. 

“Well, I’ll just have to keep moving forward” she thought as she sat up, moved her feet around and off the edge of the bed and stood up.  She went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  She saw a sad girl looking back at her.  It made her feel even more uncertain.

“Oh dear” she thought. “How will I be able to get through this day?”  She turned the water faucet handle.  A stream of water flowed out along with a plump little man with wings.  Bird sounds filled the room as he flew up to sit on her ear. 

She looked at him looking back at her in the mirror.  He smiled and she smiled back as he said “Hi. I’m the Fairy of Chirping Happy Birds! Who are you?

“I’m Melissa of the dark, uncertain clouds.” She said with a big sigh.

“That’s why we’re here.” He said as the sounds of chirping birds got louder.  “Here to blow those clouds away.”  He flew down onto the water faucet handle, puffed his body up with air and blew towards Melissa.  The sound of chirping birds grew even louder. 

Then, there was quiet.

Melissa took a deep breath and felt the clouds in her mind lift and float away.

The Fairy of Chirping Happy Birds watched this happen, smiled and then jumped up into the air.  His little wings flapping away. 

He circled around the room and headed out the door.  Before he slipped out of Melissa’s view he turned and said

“Now that you’ve lightened up, Enjoy Being You!” 

Ah, my friends.  In what ways can you lighten up your life today? 

How can you enjoy being you even more? 

Give it all a try. 

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On Saturday July 12th the Fairy Booth will be at the MidSummer’s Night event at Burlington Brewery in Williston from 4-8.

Please contact us by email with any of your questions about what we do and where we do it.

Have Fun!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies