The Grandmother Tree

This blog posting’s Fairy is.....

The origin of this fairy is my Grandma Anderson.  In my mind’s eye I see her smiling with her eyes twinkling beneath her short, easy-to-manage, steel grey hair, and declaring "Emily, all your life you will always be adopting new people!" It’s true.  I’m lucky to know many people, including you, in very wonderful ways. 

Whenever I feel a little blue about one area of my life or I find myself in a situation that feels tight ‘The Fairy of the Grandmother Tree’ reminds me to open up to all of my life and feel the “wide love” it holds for me, “here”.

There is a tree in the backyard of the home where I live that feels like ‘The Grandmother Tree.’ It reaches upwards and widely.  Ted Andrews in his book, Nature-Speak, says we each have a tree connected with our spirit. I know this one in the backyard will always, like the memory of my grandmother, be with me.

Do you have a tree that resonates with you? 

Words of wisdom from an elder?

Please, allow these twinkling eyes and merry smiles from your wide life to comfort you whenever you need it. 

“Bluebird Fairies and Personal Stages for G.R.A.C.E. Founder Don Sunseri” is the name of my exhibit in The Woodshed Gallery at The Bread and Puppet Theater in Glover, Vermont.  It’s up until August 16th and will end with a “Closing Event” after the Pageant.

As many of you may know I draw my fairies with my non-dominant hand. This exhibit includes the world premiere of Meredith Holch's rhymed verse; "How Lefty Lee's Left Handedness Came to Be'. It's a fun retelling of how I broke my right arm rehearsing a circus act and got started on something that, little did we know, would evolve into Bluebird Fairies.

If you’re in Glover for this weekend’s Saturday and/or Sunday shows please check it out.

On Sunday, I'll have the Bluebird Fairy Booth in The Woodshed Gallery and will do readings, sell cards, Fairy Decks, T-shirts and the larger-than-usual prints of fairies that are on exhibit.

Can’t wait to see you here or in some other location! 

Be well and, please, take moments to stop and smile.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies