Fairy of the Yarrow Flowers

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

Today's Fairy is a brand new one.  

Yarrow is a wonderful flower that grows gently throughout the land in which I live.  There's a patch right near the front steps to our house. It’s going to bloom soon so I consulted Ted Andrews' book Nature-Speak for some background information.  

Here are some of his words:

“Yarrow reminds us that we receive signs every day.  It alerts us to pay attention and to trust in them- even if they do not seem logical.”

I take this gentle counsel into my heart as I head into believing all the plans and intentions I'm currently involved in are in the hands of the 'Fairy of It Will all Happen' and the paradoxical 'Fairy of Not Doing and All Gets Done'.

Ted Andrews also says “Many believe that when you see the first blossom in a yarrow patch, you should make a wish and it will come true.”

My Friday nights at the Arts Riot's Truck Stop have been wonderful. Having three under my belt I can now describe the scene with some accuracy.  

Amidst food, drink and folks of many sizes and kinds you’ll find my pleasant fairy booth when you venture into the performance space of Arts Riot. I'm next to a guy selling awesome clothes and across from artists from Vintage Inspired selling all kind of cool things.  Passersby pause to look at the easy, fun fairies sitting in the racks that comprise the fairy booth. Often they get into looking at every card and I enjoy watching a nice smile grow on their faces as they do this.  Quite a few people sit down with me for a Fairy Card Reading. 

Believe it or not, the clamor around us disappears. The smart design of the booth provides a perfect setting for a fun conversation inspired by the fairies.  Every night I’m amazed at the travels these conversations take us on.   

Come on down.  There are two basic readings and a special reading of the week to choose from.  And each week there are prizes and a raffle and..... this week we'll reveal some things hot off the press.

 Lastly....if you are considering the Bluebird Fairies Oracle Class please contact me so I can give you more information about it.  I also want to offer to people from the Burlington area the idea that we carpool together.   We're going to have a blast in this class!!!  (If it happens)

Make a wish today and wait for it to arrive.

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies