Uncle Energy

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Hello.  I’m back after a pause to focus on finishing my “Start Up” program at The Women’s Small Business Program.

Here’s our current Fairy of the Blog:

I was thinking of my Uncle Tom who lives out in Colorado Springs when I drew this.  He’s the benevolent patriarch of our Anderson Family.  I see him rarely but when I do he always gives me a bright smile and shines his brilliant Paul Newman eyes on me and then says something positive about my life even though I suspect he finds my route through it to be quite curious.

I just finished teaching some writing classes with the Young Writers Project.  In one class we used fairies from the Bluebird Fairies Deck as prompts for stories.  An INCREDIBLE story emerged about a guy named Bob who was assisted by the Fairy of Uncle Energy.  When I get a copy of that story I’ll share it with you.  And more.  It is a blast to see how the Bluebird Fairies come to life in other people’s lives and imaginations.

Uncle Energy is timely for me.

I have graduated from the Women’s Small Business Program(WSBP).  My business plan for has been written.  Outside reviewers have seen, approved and are heralding our fledgling movements forward. 

You can hear more about my experience and upcoming plans in a wonderful interview Gwen Pokalo, Director of WSBP, did with me on CCTV (channel 17). 

Yes, you can find me in my Fairy Booth every Friday night (except July 3) at the Arts Riot Truck Stop in Burlington.   Each week there will be a variety of Fairy Card readings to choose from.  Fairy Cards and Fairy Decks to purchase.  Each week we’ll have different specials and activities.  So come often!

Lastly, I am offering a 4-week class that introduces people to the Bluebird Fairies Fairy Deck up at Michele Nappi’s Moonlight Gift Shoppe in Milton.  I don’t think of the Fairy Deck as an Oracle deck as much as I think of it as an inspirational and reflective tool for feeling good about yourself and your life.  And that’s definitely what our focus will be each week of this fun-filled, light hearted class.  Please consider joining us.  And call Michele at (802) 893-9966 to sign up.

And now, back for a moment with the Fairy of Uncle Energy

What in your life needs a confident, warm, encouraging smile?  A smile that brims over with assuredness for your success.

Let it in!

Be well,

Emily and The Bluebird Fairies