Let This Be the Magic

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies

Hello.  We’re on the verge of summer.  I’m sure there are all kinds of activities and ideas swimming around you.  This is a wonderful time to take a moment to collect your wishes for the future and form them into concrete thoughts.  Summer is a time when we can move forward to make dreams a reality.  So, take a moment to refine and reflect.

The Fairy Booth at Arts Riot on Fridays has been a wonderful experience for me and the fairies.  Last week it was quite rainy so there were less people.   Quite a few of those people had seen me there for several weeks and decided to take a moment to talk with me about what I’m doing.  One guy said “Oh, this is a reflective conversation!”  I said.  “Yes.”

Each week along with the regular Fairy Reading styles I offer a “Special”.  Last week’s featured 3 Flower Fairies; Yarrow, Iris and Comfrey.   The week before, in honor of Glover’s Museum of Everyday Life’s current exhibit, we featured 3 Fairies of the dust; cosmic dust, gold dust and regular dust.  l’m collecting my thoughts about these wonderful conversations and am sure something interesting will develop from them.

I had new fairy cards printed.  There’s a new card so we’ll let this one be “The Fairy of this Blog Posting.

 This guy replaces “The Fairy of Apples Growing in Prague” in the Bluebird Fairy Deck.  That fairy reminds us that our wishes sometimes come in packages quite different than we imagined.  The “Fairy of Let this be the Magic” asks us to consider when things feel dire that some shifting might be happening that will yield great rewards.  The life I live now in this round house on Lewis Creek exhibits the benefits of my holding tightly to that fairy’s suggestion over two years ago. 

Can you let this fairy into your life? He makes everyday objects and rough thoughts sparkle with hope.

Every week at the Fairy Booth at the Arts Riot Truck Stop we’ll have a brand new Fairy T-shirt.  Here’s last week’s being held up by our dear friend Pamela. 

We’ll post the new one every friday on our facebook page.  They are nice shirts at a GREAT price and there are MANY ways to win them as prizes.  Thank you to Stephanie Salmon and Rob Pitone for making them happen so nicely.

Ah, folks.  Happy Summer.  We wish all your endeavors move you happily and wisely forward.

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies