The Fairy of It's All Going to Happen

Hello Dear Blog Readers,

This winter it has been quite cold on the East Coast and many other places.  It’s so easy during times like this to feel that our hopes and dreams have been stilled.  That the things we’re trying to get done will never move into the spaces that allow their success to blossom.

As my boyfriend, Brian, and I embarked on a weekend that had a list of fun activities, discussion topics for forward thinking and necessary restorative rituals I drew this fairy from our Fairy Deck.

Here is the origin of this fairy.  Last year I wrote to a friend who has advised me on important elements of my life for several years.  In it I detailed an epiphany I’d just had of how my future work efforts should and could move forward.  It was a lot of stuff and much of it I am working on at The Women’s Small Business Program and with Utter Communication Strategies.   The response I received from my friend was-

'It's all going to happen.'

This Fairy gives me such hope. 

She’s giving it to you wherever and whenever you need it in your life.

Please be well.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies