Apples Growing in Prague

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

This blog posting’s Fairy was selected by my dear friend and huge Fairy Fan Stephanie Salmon.  She wants to know his story because she finds him confusing and even confessed that when she asks a friend to select a Fairy Card from her Fairy Deck she hopes this guy won't show up. Please welcome, everyone..... 

This is his story:

When I worked with The Bread and Puppet Theater we traveled a lot rehearsing and performing large puppet spectacles with people all over the world.  My favorite place in Europe was the city of Prague. So magical it was for me with its architecture looking like it had grown out of the very rocks that formed the land in which it was situated.  I've held the feeling of being there in my heart for 20 years yearning to go back to see and feel it again.

Last year Dexter, a world traveller and the man who owns the round house I live in, travelled to Eastern Europe for the first time. I told him how much I loved Prague and hoped he would visit there.

When he came home he had a jar of dried apples from Prague that a friend had given him as a present.  Each time I heard him tell stories of his trip he ended them saying that of all the places he went the City of Prague was his favorite. 

“The Fairy of Apples Growing in Prague” represents to me the times we know what we want and yet allow it to find its way into our lives in a different way.  That’s one of the reasons it’s a good idea to “leave room for the magic”.  When it happens it feels wonderful.

Have you had an experience or two like this?  Can you let this fairy bring you hope for unique miracles in your life,

Here’s a fun testimonial of how the Fairy Deck is working in one family’s life.

“We love the fairy cards!  I keep forgetting to tell my mom that they are part of our weekly family meeting ritual.”

-Rachel Siegel

Please keep the comments coming, dear friend, we love them!!!

With great love for the late afternoon light,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies