Being Part of it All

Hello Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

The event on Friday Feb 6th at The S.P.A.C.E. Gallery was wonderful.  I did 21 Fairy Card Readings.  Each conversation between me, the person and 3 fairies selected from the Fairy Deck allowed for fun reflection and genuine human connection to happen. I'm thankful to Christy Mitchell and other artists at the Gallery for providing me with this space in time.

I'm moving into my 2nd week with the Women's Small Business Program.  It is a great fortune for me to have this time and space in my life to explore the business possibilities of my fairies and demons.  It is so easy to lose the confidence I need to move this unique idea forward. 

I am delighted the Fairy of this Blog Posting is

He's such a positive looking fellow.  His message reminds me that our best gift is our unique ways of being human.  If we hold this idea in our hearts as we move forward with our wish to make a positive difference in the world we are sure to succeed.  Accepting ourselves allows us to accept others.

I took this fairy's picture on a dark background because I want to show that the Fairy Cards have had a change in appearance.  

Rounded corners!  

I had no idea I would like them so much or that it would make the Fairy Decks feel so professional.  

The book happened to be my copy of the 3rd edition of Ballentine's Law Dictionary which my Grandfather edited many years ago.  My Grandfather was a lawyer who worked for the Lawyer's Cooperative Publishing Company in Rochester, NY.  When he retired as the Managing Editor he took on the ambitious project of editing the law dictionary.  In it he added many new terms along with explanations of their origins.

How does the Fairy of Being a Part of it All in Your Way speak to you at this moment in your life?  Enjoy the thoughts that arise.  Feel sturdy in your ability to know yourself.

Happy Valentine's Day or (as my brother says) Singles Awareness Day.

We are all moving forward with the tools we need.  We’ll find them.

Wishing you the very best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies