Yes! Take the Time to Hold You Dearly

Hello Dear Bluebird Blog Readers,

I hope you are all doing well.

I have a cold and am home taking it easy.  It is for this reason I can finally write to you about the fairy I drew from my Fairy Deck on March 8th.

This man fairy with his gentle grin, soft hair and lopsided legs is part of a group in the Fairy Deck that offer earnest good words with a sense that they share a hesitance about their lives.   Their names, however, are strong and their speech bubbled comments such as this fellow's "This is it" and "Yes, indeed" are firm.  And so we all move forward.

It is not till now that I have allowed myself to gracefully sink into the sofa and let my heavy cares wash around in my brain and then flow out the door to join the melting snows and thawing river that hugs the land on which we live.


There is always so much in one’s head.  And here on the couch I have to admit I'm surrounded by my large Women's Small Business Program Binder and notes from a small business event I attended on Wednesday. And, yes, I've been exploring the web sites of my competitors with my little iPad.

I just read a good tip.  Accept Displacement.  When starting to create a business it's important to realize that any task you do will be displacing another one because there is not enough of you.  The key is to know what things need to be done now and be ok for the time being that the other things are not being done.  I am challenged by a need to do it all.

That's why I keep stopping to remember that I'm taking this time to hold myself dearly.  I do and then a little bit more worry travels out of me.

Can you take a moment to do this too?  I hope so.

Friends, in the next blog I'll have announcements of exciting upcoming events and a few of the great testimonials from people getting the most out of their Fairy Decks.

I wish you all well and that the kind sun is shining on your life in these ever brightening days.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies