Not Doing and All Gets Done

Hello Dear Bluebird Fairy Friends,

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the opening of spring and the wonderful messages the holidays of this time bring to our lives.

I have been in a flurry of active pursuits.  Some are at home.  Many are out in the world assisting my creation of a Business Plan for Bluebird Fairies.

Last week I was at home organizing my Fairy Cards for an upcoming event at The SPACE Gallery (see fabulous Stephanie Salmon flier below).  Organizing the fairies is always a struggle.  One issue was not being able to find any of one fairy that I realized I’d not seen for a while. I jokingly wondered if he and his gang had felt unappreciated and run away. Or had so many people purchased this kind of fairy that there were simply none left?

I found him in my stock at the studio.  His disappearance, by then, had piqued my awareness of how much I need him.   So, I'm changing my protocol for this blog posting and, rather than pulling one at random from my Fairy Deck, declaring him “The Fairy of the Blog”.  

Ladies and Gentlemen please join me in welcoming:

Busy with obligations, pursuits, decisions, meetings and the many hours we put in at our respective “jobs” how can we let his message sink in?

We take a breath, smile and relax.

Join me in knowing that so much is happening under the surface of our days.  Our belief in this allows the space for the right things to happen at the right time.

I'm delighted to be returning to The SPACE Gallery this Friday for the First Friday art opening.  It’s a great show you shouldn’t miss and the Creative Competition will be happening as well.  

The Fairy Booth will be up.  Fairy Cards and Decks will be available for purchase.  The readings are free.  Stop in and say 'Hi.'

Enjoy it all.

All the best,

Emily and The Bluebird Fairies