Our 5th Anniversary

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

I hope this greeting finds you well. Typically, this time of year is a period of transition for many. If this is for you, I wish you ease in all that you do. And, a BIG smile.

For artists and businesses in the Pine Street area of Burlington, this time of year is all about The South End Art Hop. For the 2014 Art Hop I followed the advice of Stephanie Salmon, of Gotham City Graphics, to share my personal drawings with the world. I was very excited and curious to see how people would respond to them.


I never could have imagined what has followed; Fairy Card Readings in a Fairy Card Booth, Fairy and Demon Drawing Workshop, Fairy Decks and Cards, a Fairy of the Day APP and, the new, Inner Goose Certification Workshop.

Even more importantly, I didn’t realize that a community of people (that includes you!) would grow. One that uses Bluebird Fairies to put into action our phrase - “Earnest little drawings to help you do BIG THINGS.”

Fairy of Fun Moments- Official Art Hop.jpg

We hope to see ALL of you and celebrate our Birthday at Art Hop. Those of you who have been such an important guides and friends along this journey AND those we’ll be meeting for the first time.

Wishing you ALL the best as we all move into our good intentions with commitment.

Emily and Bluebird Fairies

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