Loving it Into Place

Hello Friends,

I hope you're enjoying the wonderful days of this time of year.  So full of flowers and possibility.

The shift into different days is approaching with the Summer Solstice.

Here's a fairy that revealed itself to me today as I was tidying things up and it seemed so perfect.

I worked on a big project with some friends a few years ago. "Loving it into Place" was our motto for getting through the hurdles.  

So often my conversations with people in my Fairy Booth allow me to remind them to share a bit of the love they wonderfully pour into the world with themselves.  

So, today, love yourself and your projects into place.  And have fun doing it!!!

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

P.S. I'm back at the Truck Stop!  Please find me outside our my new tent.