My Weekly Food From the Farm

Hello Friends,

I hope you're having a GREAT weekend.  

What wonderful timing for a few days in a row to unfold our summer clothes and open our lives up to sunshine, gardens and people.

I'm changing up my blog format as I step into my "Fairy of the Day" app work.  3 times a month I'll feature a fairy and a short blurb and comment about it.  This will assist my creation of the text that will go with the 100 fairies that are a part of this project.

"What's today's fairy?"

I drew this fairy shortly after I changed my life and moved to a remote house in Hinesburg. A CSA share from my neighbors, Full Moon Farm, was what I ate.  My life now is so different from then but I like thinking of the weekly things we do that assist the creation of our beautiful lives. 

A friend of mine says this card means "Accepting your lot in life."  Either way,  "Live it and "Love it".  It's all about working with what we have.

Be well and have fun!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies