Home Sweet Studio Home

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Hello and welcome to all those who've signed up during Burlington's Art Hop to receive monthly notices about fairy postings from me.  It's been a bit since I've written which is mainly due to the amazing transformation that took place in Bluebird Fairies’ new studio home.  

I was delighted to pick this fairy from my deck recently. 

I drew 'The Fairy of Home Sweet Home' when I lived in a house that felt like a really good friend.  She was off in the country, down a dirt road and next to a soft, easy (most of the time) creek. Whenever I would come home and walk in the door I would feel her greet me with 'Hello' and I'd feel a big 'ah' in me. 

This new home of Bluebird Fairies feels that way to me. It's in a great space up on the 3rd floor of an old bristle factory now full of artists.

What a blast it was to initiate the space with so many people passing through it during Art Hop. Stopping at the fairy booth to have a card reading, look at my old demons on the wall and have a conversation to hear what becoming of “These earnest little drawings to help us do big things”.

Now sitting down a few days after the event I feel what a comfortable refuge it is for meaningful creative expression. 

 I welcome all the good that will come here and how this space will connect with you.

Have fun!

 Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Ta Da! Monthly Fairy and Demon Drawing Workshops are starting up in the Bluebird Fairies Studio, 4 Howard St., Burlington, VT

The first one is Saturday, October 15th, 1-3.

We’re starting off at the very nominal cost of $5 ($10 if you'd like a fairy card reading too.) All supplies included. Email me to RSVP.