Fairy of Good Morning, Good Night, and In Between Hugs

This fairy’s from a time when I was living in a house out in the country by myself.  Even though the thought of living there alone had been almost too overwhelmingly scary I had moved forward and into the house.  Steadily and carefully I grew the ability to overcome the nightly fears.  I knew that for my new unfolding life it was necessary.

This fairy honors all of the times people came to visit me and allowed me the opportunity to revel in the experience of having regular doses of people in my daily life.

Now, in our home by the high bank of the Winooski River I am thankful to have this every day.

So, whether you have this in your own home or you find it out in the world please rejoice in the wonder of us humans truly regarding one another again and again.  Right now.  Here.  In this Moment.



Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

The new Bluebird Fairies Studio Home on the 3rd Floor of the Howard and Pine building in Burlington is coming along.  We‘re gearing up for Art Hop and after that workshops that will unfold in the unfolding space.  We hope you’ll come visit or just keeping tuning in from afar.