Uncle Energy

“Oh, no you can’t!!”

Do you ever have that nasty old thought living in your head and sometimes even curled around your heart?

Well, guess what?! The “Fairy of Uncle Energy” can transform that thought into some pretty powerful words.  And when he shows up, and for all of us reading this, that's NOW!

Uncle Energy is not interested hearing what's not working now and how things not going to work in the future.  Uncle Energy is interested in taking ignitable sparks from beneath the “I can’ts” and “It won’t works” and blowing them into life-giving flames

Uncle Energy needs to be focused.  My uncles really like me but they don't really know me.  They just know they like where I'm from- my family, my heritage, our shared stories and people. Their energy is strong and good but to use it well I need to focus it.

The practical side of Uncle Energy suggests:

1.    Write down 3 things you’re grateful for.

2.    List all you have to do to make your life happen.

3.    Prioritize it and move through it!' 

Oh, yes, you can!'

Onward and into your good future you go.


Emily and Bluebird Fairies 

Bluebird Fairies is moving into a new home!

A beautiful studio space on the 3rd floor of the building on the corner of Pine and Howard streets.  Here we’ll have a good base for art making and moving Bluebird Fairies out into the world.  Stay tuned for our opening events and upcoming workshops and mini retreats and MORE.