Fairy of Love for Your Way

“Everyone should sit quietly each day and feel what makes them tick.” 

This quote was said by my friend, Mark Utter.  I thought of it as soon as I picked at random from my Bluebird Fairy Deck this wonderful fairy:

I love her fun, easy demeanor and that big heart in her chest gives a big hint to the secret of finding one’s own, unique way of being human.

Yesterday, I was doing something I love which is to forage for food near where I live.  Brian and I have most recently been feasting on Fiddlehead Fern Tacos, Dandelion Fritters and drinking Nettle tea. 

Filled with the excitement of foraging I opened a book a friend turned us on to last year, “The Wild Wisdom of Weeds” written by Katrina Blair. She’s an amazing woman who LOVES plants and feels the ones we need most are right around us. In her preface she shares a creation myth in which all sentient earth life explodes from the inside of a giant spider. 

“Every creature was born with a unique and special gift to share with the world.  The gift revealed itself when each creature followed the passionate feeling of joy found deep within its heart.  This passion was a guide for living in health and happiness”

Last week the Bridging Program students I work with at Champlain Community Services had a GALA to culminate the formal programming of this year’s “new and improved” program.  In it, their individual and group successes, of which there were many, were shared with a large audience in our beautiful, grand hallway.

In these exciting and wonderful moments of presentational sharing I am reminded that what allows this work I do with people to happen is love.  It starts when I first meet them, accept them and provide a safe places for them to feel who they are.  And then I do this again and again, every time I see them.  Once comfortable with who they are, they can then share their gifts with the world. 

Can you sit still today and get comfortable and still enough to hear your heart tick? 

Try it.  Seek no answers. Just the ease to be you.

Then go outside and find something to eat.



Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

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