A Bright New Day

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

And now, here to support my efforts in celebrating the arrival of the 2015 South End Art Hop, I present the....

She’s, of course, perfect.

On the same day I drew her from my Fairy Deck a CD from my friend, Jernigan Pontiac, arrived in the mail.   In the accompanying letter he urged me to listen to this song: “Cherish the Day.” 

It’s been a welcome present.  For the past few years my life has been working through a great transition.  Kristina’s song allows me to honor and release all that has happened along the way. 

A magical opportunity appeared on the final day of last year's Art Hop.  A door in my life opened when I met Brian Merrill at my fairy display.  He’s become a partner to my life and an inspiration to my work with Bluebird Fairies. 

We are daily stepping through doorways and into “Bright New Days.”  We have routines that cherish each of our days with gratitude and greet each new day with clear intentions.  And, of course, we daily pick cards from the Bluebird Fairy Deck.

How do you hold each day?   

How do you greet each new one with your brightest light? 

Last year I was so excited (and nervous) about the Art Hop.  I had no idea how people would respond to my 63 fairies and what would happen next.

What happened was I found that I loved talking about the fairies.  I felt confident in sharing my process in making them.  I enjoyed seeing how people responded to them.

This year I’m excited to set up the Bluebird Fairy Booth in our E-1 Studio Collective/Art Space 27B. 

On Friday from 5-10 I’m planning to have fun, informal conversations about our products and services.  We’ll, of course, have fairy decks and cards, t-shirts and brand new “Framed Fairies” available for purchase. 

Raffles and contests and prizes too!!

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be in the studio at the Fairy Booth from 12-5 and will be offering Fairy Card Readings from 1-4.

So please stop by!

Thank you all for your wonderful support of our work.

Please drop us a line when you have a moment.

And, above all, enjoy being you!!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies