Fairy of the Sun

Hello Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

So soon in my proposed blog writing schedule I took a little snooze.  Luckily, my dear bird friend gave me a little nudge with her wing. I’m quite thankful for this because the Fairy of this Blog posting is a fun guy to meet.  Please join me in welcoming...

Black fairy band.jpg

I’ve just returned from a short walk on the land where I live.  I saw deer tracks, big cat tracks, my tracks and Brian’s too.  I marvelled at the creek; a frozen, white and glistening ribbon curling easily through the sunny, snowy landscape.    Beneath the brilliant blue sky I stilled my body to drink it all in.

We all know life is not always so brightly lit.  For me, this glorious day has arrived after several days of revealing and, overall, helpful darkness. 

Today when I drew this Fairy from my deck I recalled the day I created him with a fine tip marker on an index card.  Eagerly I wrote the words naming what I felt and knew I needed. They lurched and tumbled out leaving barely any room for the fairy they were bringing to life.  After fitting him in on the bottom of the card I looked and thought ‘He looks so odd!  Maybe he can go someplace I don’t see him often’.  

Many months later I find that I have a great fondness for him. To me he seems like a small, powerful, happy guy who like the sun relentlessly shines for us all.

How does the Fairy of Getting Through by Trusting in the Sun” resonate in your life, dear friend? 

Contact me with your stories and questions.  I love to hear them.  Soon I’ll share with you some of the many amazing ways people are connecting with the fairies. 

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We’ll be in touch soon with another Fairy.

Be well.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies