Fairy of Secret Gardens

Hello Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Happy New Year! I hope you are all well and moving forward with smiles in your hearts.

One of my goals this year is to move into prosperity.  My boyfriend Brian and I have allowed the number 8 to hold the hope for us to successfully move our efforts and talents into spaces that allow us to attain our financial goals. That's why I write these blogs on the 8th, 18th and 28th of each month.  What, Dear Friends, assists your efforts to move forward into your goals?

Today, the Fairy of the Blog is:

There is a secret garden near my home I enjoy sharing with friends.  Every visit there is different and yields a new understanding of this place and the people I'm with. 

There are many unexpected Secret Gardens that one can find if ready and aware.  I live a fairly structured life.  Oh, as a friend of fairies you can be sure it's odd in many ways.  Regardless, I set out a pretty structured plan for each day and follow it.  Luckily I live in wonderful, rural paradise so my attention gets pulled easily away for moments of “secret garden wonder”.  The birds, the trees and the creek around my home are its agents.

How and where does the Fairy of Secret Gardens resonate with you?  Do you have one or some in your life?  Are you open to finding more?  What possibilities do you seek there?

My friends Kate and Ted out in Tucson Arizona have an incredible Secret Garden called The Land with No Name: A Sanctuary for Homeless Sculpture.

Here's Kate:  

"Here's a picture from the land yesterday.  That tractor stopped me in my tracks.  It had fairy words on it!!!  Clarity ringing out over the land."

Thank you for sharing life with us!

Be well and as prosperous as you desire.


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies