The Good Energies of the Winter Solstice are Here

Hello Bluebird Fairy Blog Readers,

I hope this posting finds you well and in good spirits.  

I am pleased to announce that I have a Fairy Booth at the SEABA Holiday Artist Market for the entire month of December. This handsome new structure nicely displays our 63 Fairies and serves as a sales booth.   It also gives me a fun place to conduct one-on-one Fairy Card Readings on Saturday afternoons.  I am enjoying these easy and unique conversations with people.

As stated in my previous blog I will be drawing a Fairy for each of my postings.  These will either be from the existing Fairy Deck or something new.

This blog's Fairy is 'Good Grandpa'.

good grandpa.PNG

My Mother's father loved to proclaim his love for us, his grandchildren.  His hugs were so strong we squealed that we might break yet the whole while we were soaking up his devotion.

This man, Claude Samuelson, was the biggest builder of my confidence.  Whatever project I shared with him he'd listen to, give advice and then tell me I'd make it through.  The energy with which he said that, in part, made it true. 

It is this love and confidence I tap into now as I venture into a new phase of life growing enterprises and innovative projects with others.

What does the Fairy of Good Grandpa mean to you? 

Where does he resonate in your life?

We are wishing you a wonderful holiday season.  Please stop by the SEABA Artist market next to Speeder and Earl's at 404 Pine Street in Burlington to see the Fairy Booth and the marvelous work of the artists we’re sharing the space with. 

Fairy Card Readings will be offered there on Saturday the 20th and 27th from 11-5.  Purchases of cards and decks can take place there as well.  Fairy Decks can be purchased from our on-line store.

Also, on Sunday December 21 from 12-4 a Fairy Salon and Welcoming of Winter will take place at the round house where I live on Lewis Creek in Hinesburg.  For more information about that click here to reach our events page.

Thank you so much for reading.

With great cheer,

Emily of Bluebird Fairies