Fairy for the Day

 Hello Bluebird Blog Readers,

Much time has passed since I last wrote which has allowed the next steps of the Bluebird Fairies to happen organically.  This has included the arrival of a marvelous man named Brian Merrill. We met at Burlington's 2014 Art Hop.

Another Art Hop outcome was learning how much fun you can have with the 63 fairies I had on display in my studio.  When gathered altogether they create "A Fairy Deck".  This collection seems to act as an easy oracle with each fairy holding the potential to shift one's focus or perspective and lead to new insight.

When I honor what is right for me I find the universe provides guidance and opportunity. I was honoring what was right for me on Sunday when I found you standing so brightly in the back of that studio space. Your simple light filled drawings were so refreshing. It was like a door opened.
— Brian Merrill, Art Hop

Another of the outcomes for the Bluebird Fairies at Art Hop was the discovery of how much fun you can have with a “Fairy Deck”.  It contains each of the 63 fairies that were printed for Art Hop.  We have started to think of the deck as a sweet and easy oracle with each earnest fairy containing the potential to shift our perspective and give us fresh insight. 

Every day Brian and I each pick a fairy for the day.  We also pick a fairy for our growing partnership.  Our experience in doing this has shown a consistent appropriateness for the selected fairy.

Today my fairy is:

This fairy always reminds me to trust and enjoy each moment in a process that is still unfolding.

Next week I will begin a weekly routine of selecting a “Fairy of the Blog” and writing a touch about its origins and how I feel it connects with the present moment. 

Your fairies represent a sense of joyfulness and celebration honoring the infinite possibilities that exist for all of us to embrace each moment of our lives and hold those moments as sacred.
— Brian Merrill, Art Hop

Also coming up: 

Fairy Card Readings and fairy card and deck sales at the SEABA Artist Market on Pine Street in December.  We’ll  also start our on-line sales of the Fairy Deck soon.

Thank you for your interest in this growing venture of mine.

I welcome your thoughts and comments.