Fairy of the Up Do Hair

Dear Friend of Bluebird,

I hope you're easily shifting into the new season of school and other beginnings.

For artists in the South End Arts District the South End Art Hop season is gearing up.  It's Labor Day and lots of us artists are here getting our studios ready.

I'm looking forward to talking about the earnest magic of Bluebird Fairies this coming weekend. 

Here's a Fairy that will be with me:

Up Do Hair Do.jpg

Who is the 'Fairy of the the Up Do Hair' with her cherry exclamations of "Let's Do the Do!?" Well, she's one of a great band of fairies that assisted me in my marriage to Brian Merrill on August 11th.  I hope, if you can, you can come meet them all.

Here's my schedule:

Friday 5-10  Meeting, Greeting, Fairy Card Readings, Fairy of the Day Demos

Saturday 10-6 Multiple performances of the new crankie show "Accomplishing Big Things" and Fairy of the Day app demonstrations.

Sunday 11-5  General Chit Chat AND 1:01-2:02- The Hair Sing-a-long (with my records of the soundtrack from the Movie).



Please let me know if you have any questions. 

I look forward to seeing you when you stop in.

Most of all, I wish you well on your Art Hop voyages.  You never know what might happen.  It's a magical time!


Emily and the Bluebird Fairies