Unexpected Wonderfulness

Dear Bluebird Fairy Friends,

I hope you're all well and enjoying the summer.

Last night, I finally got out on the river in my kayak.  The water was calm and the sun was just thinking about setting.  My downstream friend had paddle boarded up and we sat floating while 'catching up.' Birds gently flew back and forth high above us and a great blue heron glided slowly by and settled nearby.  As I paddled my way home I was joined by a mother and baby beaver.  Splash!!!

Which brings me to my Fairy of the Day:


The wonderful 'Fairy of Unexpected Wonderfulness is a fairy, like the one I previously posted about, from my early years of drawing fairies.  Oh, how nice to see you again.  How wonderful to feel your old messages of "We think of you.  We love you." in this chapter in my life.

Another unexpected wonderfulness is people writing to me about their experience with the Fairy of the Day app. Here's an email I recently received:

Good evening Emily - just a little note here saying how much I love your app, as well as the fact I can access the app on the bus when my phone can’t access a wireless network

The fairy I got just now was “the Fairy of Unexpected  Wonderfulness”, and it relates to my experiences both today and yesterday so well. 

Thank you again for your wonderful world of fairies and their wise words.  -E.B. 

I hope you can let the gifts of this fairy in today! 

Have Fun! 

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies