Gifts of the Season

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Happy Birthday to all the Cancerians!

It's my Father's sign.  He's no longer around in person but as I've said many times before in this blog he lives on in all of these fairies. Why? Well, a while ago I declared that his legacy to me is to to find lightness in the dark.

So, here's a fairy for this time.  Let us all find our ability to claim, like this heart-filled fairy, "Victory is ours!"


Last night after we turned out the lights we found a firefly.  I ushered it out of the house and the whole way it valiantly turned it's magical light on and off.  

The next morning we read its symbolism and this is what I took from it.

Allow firefly to guide you - in the moment, through the forest of life. It is the light that should be your focus, not the dark. 

Sounds like work of the the fairies!

On we go!  Have fun.

All the best, 

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies