Winter is Here

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Happy New Year.  We are here.  

I've been  waiting to share with you the fairy I made in December to welcome in Winter.

Winter 2018 1.jpg

Here she is, in icy shades of blue and wearing green boots, saying "Easily head to the light."  

Oh, 'Fairy of Winter' that's a good reminder.  Now that the bustle and focus on the holidays are over the ice and snow and cold feel a lot more present.

I like to walk in the evening in the dark along the river.  While I do this I often feel kind of forlorn. I don't mind though because it makes me feel connected to the ancestors of the Earth.  I like to think this feeling is what inspires people to sit together around campfires. When I have this feeling I'm very aware of what other things I'm feeling. 

During the winter these feelings can help guide us to move our lives in the directions we want.  To finding others doing things we believe in. They become the seeds we plant and then wait for the light and the spring to allow them to grow -like garlic overwintering in a garden plot.

Trust this process.  Be OK with the stillness.  Be committed to finding the seeds and planting them. And trusting that as we head toward the  light it will come.

Wishing you all the best in this journey,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Winter 2018 2.jpg

We're having our First Fairy and Demon Drawing Workshop of the new year.  This is a GREAT space in which to manage the feelings of winter and support them in becoming positive seeds for new growth.  Join us if you can.