A Celtic Midwinter Fairy

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,


I've been enjoying the 'Fairy of Winter' which I shared with you in a previous blog.  Her green boots especially delight me. 

Now, as I present to you my newest fairy I think she's got a lot to do with inspiring those green boots to find green, growing things.

Here she is!


It's the 'Fairy of Imbolc' standing proudly on the snow holding two green candle that light a dark blue sky with yellow stars. 

Here's a writing by Sherri Rose-Walker (Mother Tongue Ink 2017) that was included in this year's We'Moon Calendar.  


Deep beneath winter's surface, the earth serpent stirs, called from dreaming as subtle energies shift and earth's longing for light, sheltered in winter dreaming, is born.  We lift hopeful candles and torches to the night sky, calling to the moon and her starry attendants, invoking the return of light.

This Celtic New Year celebration is thought to have originated long ago.  February, in the northern hemisphere, is still bitterly cold, and the darkness long. But memory stirs, more ancient than anything we have dreamed in the sable night, as our bodies and the body of earth resonate with the gradual unfolding of spiral energies from the heart of creation.

Now, as then, we seek a place where we can feel living earth beneath our feet, offer prayers, poems, songs, dance invocations and blessings.  We open our arms and heart to the light--that it may unfold in the world and in us, that we may be candles of prayer and blessing wherever we go."

Onward we go.  I hope this time assists your life in moving forward with your wishes and good dreams.

Have fun!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

For those of you in the Burlington area, we're having a 'First Friday' event at Bluebird Fairies' studio on Friday February 2nd from 5-7.  That's actually the official day of "Imbolc."  Our event, called The Gifts of the 3 Kings Revealed, will surely benefit from the new light and hopeful actions. I hope you can come.

3 Kings eve fairies.jpg