Feeding Your Bird Relationships

Hello Everyone!

Hope you're doing fine on this First Day of April.

Here's a story about a fairy that keeps popping up for me these days.

Former Governor Peter Shumlin provided the inspiration her message. 

I had a birdfeeder and wanted to be sure to take it down before the bears started coming out.  I recalled fuzzily that Shumlin had had a bear confrontation at night over his bird feeder.  When I saw him out enjoying a show at Arts Riot I asked him

“When are you taking your feeder down this year?”

He said

“I’m not!  We’ve created relationships with these birds and need to take care of them.”

So I didn’t.  Soon I realized the birds were getting food elsewhere and didn't need ours so I took it down with little fanfare.

My conversation with the governor got me thinking, however, about all the peripheral relationships we have in our lives that are important to feed. 

I know my day goes best when I smile and say “hi” and slow down the race through my "to do" list to ask people at work

“How's it going?”

or share a moment with a stranger who's also waiting for the light to turn green.

These moments remind us that we're all growing in this forest of life together.

Have fun 'touching real and smiling'!

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

We've jumped onto the Burlington Art Map and are having events at our studio on First Fridays.  The first one is coming up this Friday, April 7. 

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