Embracing the Lesson of the Tree

Wow! I have been loving my monthly Fairy and Demon Drawing workshops.  They started back in October.  Our most recent February workshop brought the total offered up to 5.

The Bluebird Fairies studio is changing monthly as we get established here in the Howard Space Center on Pine Street and my clarity around how best to lead these workshops continues to grow.

One thing that hasn't changed is the very dedicated thinking in my mind as well as the physical preparation of the space I do before each workshop.  This is essential work.  And yet, I must remember that beyond the planning there is a space that will be filled by the actual workshop.  It's unique reality blossoms with the arrival of each participant. My job shifts from planning to facilitating us through my easily creative and super helpful drawing technique.

Last workshop I had a wonderful reminder of this. 

When people arrive for the workshops they take off their coats, get a cup of tea, chat a little and then pick a 'fairy of the workshop' from the Bluebird Fairy Deck.  Right before everyone arrives I pick my mine.

Here's who showed up for me-


Sometimes when people receive the 'Fairy of the Tree Lesson' they don't know how she fits into their lives.  When I pick her she hits home whether I want her to or not.

Just seeing her reminded me it was time to take a deep breath, wash away my expectations of the workshop and allow the reality of the workshop to begin growing.

The group arrived and WOW what a fun and poignant time we had.

Friends, head on out into the day with your plans and intentions always remembering to enjoy the breeze of the tree lesson.

Have Fun!

All the best,

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies

Please check out Rachel Elizabeth Jones' article about these workshops here:


white solo fairy band.jpg

Our next 'Fairy and Demon Drawing' workshop is coming up.  Each month there's been a theme. So far the workshops have focused on introducing the drawing technique.  As of April I'll be offering 'Introduction to Fairy and Demon Drawing' workshops on the first Saturday of every month. On the 3rd Saturday we'll continue to have themed workshops.

You can now easily register for these workshops with our on-line shop at this web site.  You can also contact me directly. (saves you $1)

Hope to see you soon.