Fairy of Your Outer Loveliness

Dear Friends of Bluebird Fairies,

Today, I decided to, again, pick a fairy to write about here using my prototype for the 'Fairy of the Day' app.  Here's what I received:

Outer Loveliness.jpg

Ah, the 'Fairy of my Outer Loveliness.'  (Up until now I didn't know Loveliness has an "e" in it.)

On this early morning, in my cluttered office and having a big project ahead of me, I didn't quite know how to respond to this fairy.

To get this fairy to you I needed to save it to the photos on my phone.  When I retrieved it I saw next to it a picture taken of me from the night before.  Already in my 'busy day head' I'd forgot my red dress event. 

I'd been at the Black Horse Art Gallery where Bread and Puppet Theater's Peter Schumann has a show called "Post-Apocalypse for 3/4 Empire."

I was there to perform with a small group of performers a show with the banners. And now, here I am after the show sharing a moment of 'outer loveliness' with my long-time puppeteer friend, Alexis Smith


So, I think what I want to do with this post is remind us about the magic we have in our lives.  We forget it's there and then we look again and find it.  

Do that today.  Give life a big hello and find the great in it.

Have fun!!!!

Wishing you all the best!

Emily and the Bluebird Fairies


P.S.- Here's more info on the show.

35 Black Horse Gallery

Upstairs from Vermont Art Supply, the gallery features work in a variety of mediums. December 2017: The woodcuts in Bread & Puppet-founder Peter Schumann’s “Post-apocalypse for 3/4 Empire” “address the brand-new horror of our own Empire boss’s threat to eliminate whole countries for non-compliance with Empire politics.” Artist reception during First Friday Art. Performance: Friday, 12/8, 6PM, “3/4 Empire Cantasoria” with Peter Schumann, Alexis Smith & Maria Schumann. Admission by donation, doors open at 5PM. 277 Pine St, 2nd Fl, (802) 860-4972, Open Tues-Fri, 10-6, Sat, 10-3.

(from December's Burlington Art Map)